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Engine Servicing

We can undertake all engine work from Head Gasket Replacement to Full Rebuilds.

Common Engine Problems

Poor air/fuel combination

This can occur due to insufficient fuel, inadequate air, too much or little fuel being supplied and fuel containing impurities. These would cause poor combustion.

Poor density of air/fuel

Caused by poor compression of air and fuel; it could be as a result of factors e.g. Leakage in the cylinder, worn out piston rings, valve not properly tightened allowing for leakage during compression.

No ignition of spark

This is caused due to weak spark plug or the wire that leads to it having issues, the wire could also be damaged or the spark taking place earlier or longer than usual. Other conditions that could cause malfunction of the engine include: dead battery that the engine would not pick up, blocked exhaust pipe, air cannot move in and exhaust out preventing the engine from working, inadequate oil preventing the free movement of the piston in the cylinder.