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Buying tyres from DM Car Care

We are agents for Falken Tyres and can supply tyres for everything from a wheel barrow to a 4x4 !

At first glance the tyre sidewall seems to contain a lot of confusing numbers and letters. This information tells you about the dimensions, speed rating and tyre pressure setting. To order your tyres from DM Car Care, all you really need to know are the 4 main pieces of information:

Tyre Width

The tyre width is shown in millimetres and is the width from one side of the tyre to the other.

Tyre Profile.

The tyre profile is actually a ratio, not a metric measurement. The profile is the ratio of tyre width to profile height shown as a percentage.

For example: If the tyre has the dimensions shown - 205/50. Then the profile is 50% of the width, so 50% of 205mm is 102.5mm. The tyre height from the rim to the tread is 102.5mm

Tyre Speed Rating

All tyres have a speed rating letter. The letter denotes a maximum speed that the tyre can sustain for a 10 minute period without falling to pieces.

Each speed rating is 10Km/h above the previous. This is a very important parameter, as there is a legal requirement to fit tyres to your vehicle with the correct speed rating

Note: the letter R is nothing to do with the speed rating. This letter denotes the tyre construction, so if your tyre is a 255/35 ZR19, it just means that it's a Z rated tyre of Radial construction. This letter is redundant really, because nearly all tyres are radial these days.