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Fast, Thorough MOT at Low Rates with DM Car Care

At DM Car Care Centre we specialise in MOTs and Servicing, offering efficient, reliable and competitive service for the Rugby, Southam, and Leamington Spa areas.

If your car is over three years old it is a legal requirement to have your vehicle tested to ensure it meets minimum road safety requirements. You can MOT your vehicle up to one month prior to the expiry date of your current MOT.

How it works

The car is checked for different safety factors using accepted MOT guidelines by an accepted tester under the permission of an agency called VOSA (Vehicle and operator services agency) or DVA (Driver and vehicle Agency) if in North Ireland. Most car repair workshops are allowed by VOSA to perform the MOT testing on cars and to release certificates except in Ireland where it’s only the DVA that does the MOT test. The tester must be a trained personnel. The MOT certificates would usually be issued under the seal of the above named agencies. A fee is paid called Test fee and the maximum amount that can be charged is defined by legislation or MOT standards.

MOT Test

The nominated tester by VOSA performs a round of detailed inspections and examinations of both the outside and the inside of the car, other places checked include- the car bonnet, steering, lighting, suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres, Car body condition, emissions, windshield, windscreen, washers, wipers, vehicle identification number, seat belts, airbags, fuel, door, horn, boot, registration plates, mirrors. If your car meets up with the necessary MOT requirements then you are issued with an MOT certificate that is referred to as a VT20 pass certificate but if otherwise you are issued with a VT30 certificate. Without a MOT test certificate, you cannot apply for a tax policy or get your car license renewed and it is also required that you do the MOT examination every 12 months and without a MOT certificate, driving your car is an offence that is liable for a fine. If some of your car components don’t pass for an MOT failure but you are told to be careful about them, then you would be given an “advisory” certificate known as VT32.